Why are Peter Lik's Photographs so Expensive?

I have had a lot of people come to me with similar experiences. They stumbled upon a Peter Lik gallery while on vacation, they loved the stunning, large format, landscape photography that is beautifully lit from every angle, and then they were shocked by the out of this world price tags. I frequently get asked, "Why are Peter Lik's photograph's so expensive?"

Firstly, most people do not understand how expensive it can be to produce a fine art photograph. Peter Lik prints his large format photographs on the finest photo papers, sealed under acrylic glass, and finished with Italian Roma frames. This printing process can run thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of print. This process definitely is not cheap, but that doesn't justify most of the pricing at a Peter Lik Gallery. His images start at $10,000 and quickly rise into the hundreds of thousands. So what explains his otherworldly price points?

Overhead. Peter Lik currently sells his images in roughly 20 galleries around the world. These galleries are located on streets that have some of the most expensive retail rents in the world. Rents are upwards of $100,000 a month on Front Street in Maui. That is where 1 of his 20 galleries are located. In addition, each gallery is staffed with dozens of high pressure sales members. Peter Lik's overhead costs are endless and exorbitant. Peter Lik's work is beautiful, but when you purchase an image from one of his galleries you are having to pay for that overhead. 

We here, at Lijah Hanley Photography, offer the same high quality work without the overhead. We offer gallery quality fine art images without the gallery prices. We print on only the finest archival materials, for luminous, glowing photographs. You can explore a collection of my personal favorite and images here: Personal Favorites

Or contact me here if you have questions about acquiring a limited edition piece from Lijah Hanley Photography. 

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