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"Rainbow of the Night"

"Rainbow of the Night"

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Dufur, OR

Central Oregon is dotted with old abandoned homesteads from the 1800s. Since this area is fairly remote, I decided these beautiful old homesteads would make the perfect subject under the Milky Way. We watched the weather and moon phases for several months, and all the conditions finally came together. At 2am, we made our way out to this old vacant home and put glow sticks inside the two front windows to add a focal point. Some bats inside the house came flying out and scared us half to death! Using a long exposure and a very light sensitive camera, we were able to capture more light than you can see with the naked eye. This image captures over half of the night sky, and the full arc of the summer Milky Way. If you look closely, the Andromeda galaxy can be seen under the arc of the Milky Way on the left side of the image. This house may not be much, but the previous occupants definitely had quite the view of the night sky.

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