"Jurassic Waters"


Hawaiian Fine Art Landscape Photograph by Lijah Hanley

Oahu, Hawaii- This ancient fish pond is estimated to be around a thousand years old. The native Hawaiians constructed this pond from the ocean, creating a spot for young fish to feed and grow. The brilliance in their engineering of this pond is shown in the small slats in the wall that the young fish slipped through. After feeding and growing the fish became too large for the small holes they entered the pond in and could not escape, making it easy fishing for the Hawaiian people. We hiked out to this spot before the sunrise, and were in awe as we watched the mountain catch the morning light. All of the sudden we saw huge ripples start coming towards us in a very still pond. As soon as the ripples got close enough we realized that a huge school of fish were coming right in front of us. It was a magical morning! 

Chromaluxe Metal Prints: These prints represent a new medium in photographic printing. Using a specialty process, we sublimate ink directly into a sheet of light reflective Chromaluxe aluminum. Due to the luminescence of the metal surface, the finished product has a brightness, vibrancy, and a clarity to it that cannot be rivaled with any other printing technique. Chromaluxe prints are so luminous, that they almost appear backlit. In addition to the striking finish, metal prints are guaranteed to last for a century without noticeable fading, are scratch resistant, waterproof, and all come with sleek aluminum hanging hardware on the back of the print for seamless hanging. The final piece will hang an inch and a half away from the wall. Chromaluxe prints represent the best quality prints in the industry and are the perfect modern art piece for any home. 

Paper Prints: All of our paper prints are printed onto Kodak archival papers. This type of print requires matting and framing before it is ready to be hung. 

Finishes: All of our paper prints come on Kodak Metallic fine art papers. Our Chromaluxe metal prints, however, come on two different finishes. Our recommended finish is on the high gloss Chromaluxe. The high gloss will have incredible contrast and depth, however it is prone to reflections if hung directly across from a window. Due to this, we also offer our Chromaluxe prints on a matte finish. The matte finish will have slightly less contrast that the high gloss, but will have zero reflections, and is recommended for areas where windows will cause reflections. 

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