Black and White Horse Photography

Fine Art Black and White Horse Photography

I have always been fascinated with photographing horses.  Horses are beloved by many people around the world, and have been important figures in the mythology and folklore of many cultures. We have had a great time trying to capture the whimsy, power, and personalities of these horses found down American backroads. These images are equal parts modern and rustic, and were created with modern interior design in mind. 

In this collection of black and white horse photographs, I want to go beyond simple wildlife photographs. I want to capture the different personalities of these incredible horses. I love using the black and white medium because it simplifies the images in a way that allows the viewer to connect with the image on a deeper level. When you strip away the color, it allows the texture and the detail in the image to shine.

Most of my limited edition equine photographs are taken in winter climates. This further simplifies the scene, creating an almost studio-like backdrop for images. We intentionally use very high ISOs to create the appearance of film grain, and add texture and warmth to each image. Images in this series are for sale in small, fine art editions of 35 for prints 24x36 and over, and editions of 100 for prints 20x30 and under. Prints come on museum grade photographic paper for superior fade resistance. 

Please enjoy this collection of images, and click here to see the entire "Highlander Collection" of Horses, Buffalo, Bison, and Donkeys. 



"Duet" - Two horses frolicking in white out winter conditions in Utah. Fine Art Photography Edition of 35.

Black and white photograph of horses running in snow. "Shadow" Two horses gaze into a snowy landscape in Utah. If you look closely, my wife and I can be seen in the reflection of the black horse. 

Fine Art Photography Edition of edition horse photography for sale "Weathered" The first few snowflakes of winter dance in this horse's weathered mane. 

Fine Art Photography Edition of 35.Black and white of a horses mane. Click here to explore the entire collection of equestrian black and white photographs here.

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"We purchase a limited edition piece from Lijah Hanley, and could not be happier! He offered excellent customer service, helped out choose the perfect piece and size. It brightens up our home every day! The vibrant colors and depth of the print is mesmerizing!"

                              -Robert Lacy