Snowy Winter Photography in Oregon

There is something so special about winter in Oregon. The Oregon Cascade Mountains come to life as they are blanketed with the first snow of winter. I try to make it an annual tradition to get at least one snowshoe in every year to capture something different every winter in Oregon. There is something so magical about photographing trees draped in heavy snow, and the first light of sunrise illuminating a snowy peak.

So this year, I thought I'd share all of my favorite images from the snowy, wintery Oregon landscapes. Thanks for looking!


"Winter's Return"

Mt. Bachelor from Tumalo Mountain after the first winter snowstorm at sunrise. 

Mt bachelor in the snow in winter at sunrise. "Sister's Sunrise"

The Three sisters mountain range from Tumalo Mountain at sunrise. Bend Sisters from tumalo mountain at sunrise. "Off to See the Wizard"

We snowshoed 20 miles round trip to reach this vantage of Crater lake at sunrise after heavy winter snowfall. 

crater lake at sunrise after a snowstorm. "Smiling Back"

Mt Hood from TDH mountain at sunrise after heavy snowfall. Snowy winter photograph of mt hood a sunrise. "Whoville" 

Mt Hood from atop TDH mountain at sunrise after heavy snowfall. 

mt hood at sunrise after heavy winter snowfall. "Winter Ponderosas" 

Snowy ponderosa trees outside of Bend, Oregon.Winter Ponderosas pines in bend oregon in the snow. Want to see more? Check out our entire gallery of Oregon Nature Photography Here.

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