Photographing the Sunflower Fields in South Dakota

South Dakota is home to some of the largest sunflower fields in the world. In fact, South Dakota produces more sunflowers than any place in the world.  The fields tend to be in peak bloom in early August, but they can be difficult to find because farms tend to change up which crops they grow from year to year to help preserve the soil. So, my wife and I decided to spend a few days driving around looking for them. It didn't take long until we started seeing field after field, filled to the brim with sunflowers. After two days of driving down every back road we could find, we found the largest sunflower field we had ever seen. Located down a dusty dirt road outside of Pierre was a farm that contained nothing but sunflowers for as far as the eye could see. 

After photographing the sunflowers for the day, we decided to camp in our van and photograph them again the following day. It was pretty incredible waking up to this view; it's hard to have a bad day with nothing but sunflowers on the horizon. I discovered that it was hard to show how expansive these fields were from ground level, so I climbed atop my van to change up my perspective. The view from atop our 9' van really highlighted how 'neverending' these sunflower fields were. We ended up camping at this location for several days, but I think the photographs we got were well worth the adventure!

"Sunny Days"

photographing a sunflower field in south dakota at sunset.


photographing a sunflower field under the milkyway.

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